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 hey guys check out

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PostSubject: hey guys check out   Sun Jan 24, 2010 12:47 am

Im on a site where ive known the creator since before he made it. It has really really grown since it was first made, and has easily over 100 active user online per day. its not a sim league. its a site where u can talk sports and stuff and has a lot of active people on it, and theres a plethora of xbox 360 leagues on there. u can talk NHL MLB NFL soccer wtv. they have a radio show everyone once in a while
Threads: 2,539, Posts: 21,810, Members: 971
3 Madden 10 Online full franchises ( needed 3 cause of the waiting list)
2 NHL 1v1 leagues
1 NHL 6v6 otp league(not club its a league of a few teams with owners who tryout people on otp and ur ur own player on a team with a few other guys)
1 FIFA Franchise
1 FIFA league
1 NBA league


we get a reward for whoever gets the most people to join, so if u could just join for me thatd be great
if u do join post here say jray told u bout the site. thanks
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hey guys check out
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